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The Jaapa Expert

Nuskha is a one-of-its-kind pregnancy nutrition company. We are reviving, reviewing, and redesigning the traditional Indian pregnancy and post-pregnancy nutrition. To make it,

  1. Easy to consume
  2. Suitable for today’s diet and nutrition needs
  3. And keeps our tradition alive.

Ever since our civilization prevailed, we as Indians have had a strong regimen that is followed during and after pregnancy. Mentioned in the Charak Samhita as Garbhini Parichary and Sutika Paricharya it follows the diet and lifestyle that can benefit a new mother in the course of pregnancy and post-pregnancy care.

The idea of postpartum care can be dated back to Bhagwan Krishna, where still till date the Bhog of Ajwain, sonth, Gond laddoo is prepared for maa Yashoda on every Janmashtami.

Even today every single culture in our country has a specified diet that is followed for post-pregnancy nutrition.

We studied this diet thoroughly and came up with the current form that includes all the ingredients necessary for better recovery, superb lactation, and high nutrition for the newborn and the new mom!

Today we stand strong as we grow into the most sought-after brand for pregnancy nutrition in India.

The Founder
The Process