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The Founder

Traditional Pregnancy care for the modern world

I come from a long lineage of Ayurveda, my grandfather, father, brother, and maternal uncles all have been/are vaids and Ayurved Acharyas. The fondest memories of my childhood are the cozy afternoons after school when I used to assist my father in preparing the herbs for his patients.

From a very early age, I used to help my friends and neighbors with home remedies and herbal treatments. People would call up to take suggestions for as common ailments as cough & cold to as complex as postnatal care. Even ladies double my age, addressing me as their daughter would call up for advice and nuskhe.

I always felt good, that I could help them with relevant information.

Founder Nuskha Alpana Tiwari

The time of pregnancy and just after that is healthwise the most crucial phase of a woman's life. Nourishment and proper care are both crucial and well deserved. In India, we have had the tradition of pampering new mothers with the right nourishment and food which is not just pre-eminent but also well deserved. Over time, with the rise of nuclear families, the age-old grandmothers' knowledge of post-pregnancy nourishment is getting lost.

It is very absurd to see that all of these large companies are trying to push for the westernized solution when the commonly accepted and highly effective product is available in our traditions!

Ayurvedic hospital in Badhal, Rajasthan

The place where the seed of Ayurved was sown in Alpana Ji’s mind

Vaidh Lt. Shri Vasudev Ji Sharma

Alpana Ji’s Father and guru. It was his initial research and notes on which Nuskha is built today

In 2019 when my Son came back from quitting his Job at an MNC and was in between jobs, I highly insisted that we take this up as a Startup! He was sceptical at first but I was adamant to follow this through. We did our pilot test in 2019. And launched ourselves in 2020.

Growing as we speak, I wish to make Nuskha a household name. My dream will come true when the Nuskha becomes synonymous with pregnancy nutrition.

The Company
The Process