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The Process


Made for mothers, with motherly love


Almost all of the households in our country have set-right nutrition edibles fed to the new mother post-childbirth! The preparations might vary depending on the traditions, region, and culture. We at Nuskha have made this diet available, from almost all to accessible-to-all.



Let us walk you through the process of where we turn ingredients into magical potions.

Selection Of Ingredient

Each ingredient is meticulously picked to give the best result.

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Slow and precise, with utmost care for hygiene.


Each recipe is crafted according to ayurvedic scriptures and the doctor’s recommendation.

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Individually Processed

All the orders for pregnancy packages are individually processed based on your body type, weather conditions and lifestyle

Always With You

We are available at all times. Feel free to call us anytime!


Personalized, Traditionally Strong and Long-Term Health Benefits. These are the 3 pillars on which our process is built.

माँ बनने के एहसास का , माँ बनने के आभास का नाम है नुस्ख़ा।