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Post Pregnancy Care

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Nushka: A Traditional and Nourishing products range for Postpartum Diet:

"What to eat after delivery food for mother?"- Is this the concern bothering you? Becoming a new mother is like getting into the world of anxiety. And the main concern that makes a woman more anxious is what to eat during and after the pregnancy, as a new mother needs to think about herself and the baby. 

Understanding the worry of becoming a new mom, we at Nushka have come forward with a distinct range of Healing and Traditional foods. At Nushka, we believe in the power of traditional remedies to heal the body. That is why we specialize in creating post-natal foods that taste delicious and provide essential nutrients for new moms. Some of our Post-Pregnancy Diet food Products (after delivery) include:

A woman goes through a lot of change when she is pregnant, and even after giving birth, women may face problems such as constipation, nausea, and stress. With the help of our post-natal products, women can recover from such issues and also help in healing to their healthiest state.

Reviving the Traditions passed down by Generations:

Nushka is all about reviving the traditional roots of India by offering a range of healing products that are perfect for expecting and new mothers. We understand the importance of post-delivery food and have created products catering to new mothers' nutritional needs. The post-delivery period can be exhausting and overwhelming, and it is essential to have a Post-Pregnancy Diet that provides the necessary nutrients to regain strength and heal the body.

Nushka offers traditional Indian recipes that are passed down through generations, ensuring new mothers receive the best nutrition. Our focus on traditional healing methods differentiates it from other health food brands. Nushka is the perfect choice for anyone looking to nourish their body and soul with the goodness of traditional Indian food.

Try a range of Time Tested Remedies:

With a unique and innovative concept, at Nushka, we have designed our products and services to cater to the specific needs of food after delivery for Indian mothers. The vision is based on the idea of combining traditional and Ayurvedic knowledge to provide post-delivery food that is not only nutritious but also healing in nature. This is because the period immediately after childbirth is a critical time for new mothers, and they need to be nourished with the right kind of food to regain their strength and energy. 

Our Gharelu nuskhe recipes include Ragi Ladoo, Ajwain Ladoo, and Panchmul oil - all known for their healing properties. We also offer Dana Methi  Ladoo, Makhana roasted, Peepel, Dashmool kadha, and Battesa, Daliya - each designed to support post-natal recovery. Using these time-tested remedies for Diet after delivery, we help new moms feel their best while enjoying the comfort of traditional Indian cuisine.

Combining the Power of Ayurvedic Knowledge and Tradition:

At Nushka, we understand the importance of providing new mothers with the right nourishment during this crucial stage of their lives. We aim to help mothers recover their strength and energy while ensuring they are healthy and well-nourished. By combining traditional and Ayurvedic knowledge, we have created a unique and effective range of after-delivery food for mother that helps new mothers stay healthy and strong during this critical phase of their lives.

Nushka offers a range of carefully curated post-delivery food options to meet new mothers' specific nutritional requirements. The food is prepared using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, ensuring it is healthy and delicious. The Ayurvedic knowledge incorporated in the food ensures that it not only satiates hunger but also promotes healing, assisting new mothers in recovering from childbirth's physical and emotional stress. 

So, add our time-tested and nourishing Post Natal Food to your Diet for a healthy baby and you!