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Tulip Post pregnancy diet Pack

Availability: In Stock

50 days of post-pregnancy care as per traditional Indian standards.
14 Different products for all-round care.
Suitable for all weather and climate conditions

Made as per your body type, nature of delivery, and other factors

Helps in the recovery of the mother, proper lactation for the baby, and nutrition for both mother and baby.
Includes diet chart and meal plans for the entire course duration of 50 days

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•    50 days of post-pregnancy care as per traditional Indian standards.
•    Complete care includes everything required for a perfect postpartum recovery
•    Made in expert's guidance keeping into account the weather conditions.
•    14 items divided as per diet chart with 24x7 on-call support.
•    Everything marked and lable answering all the questions about when to eat how to eat why to eat etc.
•    All the products are made in desi cow ghee procured from our trusted sources.
•    Our standard 14-point pack includes all the necessary products for your postnatal care.

1. Ajwain laddoo
2. Ajwain whole – for drinking water and roti
3. Kaifal – for rubbing on the head of the mother.
4. Jaifal – for the baby’s common cough and cold.
5. Sonth(dried ginger) laddoo
6. Haldi laddoo
7. Dashmool kaadha
8. Lodh
9. Battesa
10. Gond laddoo
11. Panchmool Massage oil
12. Danamethi mixture
13.  Peepal Powder
14. Isabgol herb mix

Total Weight: 6 kg
Duration: 50 Days

Baby Safe
No chemical and full of real ingredient and raw material, these products are safe for your.
Your category is special. Everything that will grow you is tagged “Moms”
No Added Sugar
Free of cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup and beet sugar.
High Fiber
but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.
Color Additive Free
What’s real food and personal care products/ cosmetics if they were brimming
Organic Ingredients

Jun 26, 2023

Nuskha kitchen tells nuskha n provides excellent medicine post delivery. I highly recommend to all pregnant ladies out there to use its medicines. Also while using its products Alpana madam is always ready for resolve problems related to delivery and also after delivery resolve the child issues. Alpna mam have god gift for making any type product for improving immunity in body. I didn't such type service in my life. Alpna mam is like god to me. I am again thanks to mam for supporting to our critical problems.


Jun 26, 2023

The products of nuskha kitchen contains all ayurvedic herbs which helps to boosting immunity. After being tested covid positive and post delivery,I was recommended to have naari paak and believe me it took all my pains I have , my weekness and I feel so active. I'll recommend to have nuskha products for all pregnant ladies out there. Alpana aunty, keep up the good service and quality of the product that are very nutritious

Priyanka Verma

Jun 26, 2023

I ordered Gond ke laddoo from Nuskha Kitchen and gosh! These were so tasty, authentic, fresh and palatable! The taste transported me to the childhood memories of such winter delicacies. I especially want to thank Mr. Viral for prompt response, being humble and thorough professionalism. Will definitely order other delicacies too. Highly recommended! Keep up the good work Nuskha Kitchen

Chetan selwal

Jun 26, 2023

If we would like to summarize Nuskha Kitchen in one phrase then it would be “Professionalism with a personal touch”. I and my wife came to know about it while visiting our gynecologist for a routine checkup. We inquired about the product offering by Nuskha Kitchen out of our inquisitiveness and liked not only the idea but their products as well. They are offering different packages of home made pregnancy care food (Laddus) to be used during pregnancy and post pregnancy. We discussed this with elders in our family and realized that products offered by Nuskha Kitchen are great in terms of quality and they offer amazing health benefits. We decided to try both their offerings. We had laddus supplied by them during pregnancy and we got the post pregnancy package as well. All the items were excellent in quality and amazing in taste. These items were prepared strictly in accordance with Ayurveda. The most amazing part of the package was personal touch and care offered by Nuskha Kitchen’s owner. She kept calling my wife on regular intervals advising her about the do’s and don’ts of consuming the items. She keeps on giving a lot of tips during and post pregnancy which is very useful especially for first time parents like us. We would recommend Nuskha Kitchen to everyone willing to enjoy this beautiful journey called parenthood. Thanks Nuskha !!!

Dimple Navalani

Jun 26, 2023

I have delivered a baby girl recently and ordered post delivery Ayurvedic package from Nuskha. It was one of the best decision that I had taken and it made the very early days of motherhood easy. The overall food is stuff is very nutritious and tasty too. Alpana Aunty takes care of each and every thing in those 40days on giving personal calls. Highly recommend Nuskha for post delivery diet for all the new moms!!

Tania Nayyar

Jun 26, 2023

Ayurvedic healing at its best! That's what I would call this place. A panacea for all your postpartum needs. The best thing about Nushka kitchen is that you can customize the best of ayurveda as per your requirements and needs. I have been a vegan for eight years and needed somebody to understand that and customize to my non dairy needs. Alpana ji stepped and up and beyond my expectations with regards to that. She made all the ladoos in pure almond oil for me. They not only tasted really good but had all the goodness of herbs that are crucial to healing. My healing was so fast without me having to compromise on my principles and without gaining the weight that ghee and dairy naturally lend. If you have been thinking of eliminating dairy from your diet just know that there is a place that will accommodate to your needs. Thank you so much Alpana ji for being there every step of the way.


Jun 26, 2023

Mrs Alpana is very responding and prompt in the service . I had a very good experience I had purchased the package and the products helped me a lot especially in this time of Nuclear family when we have no guidance of Desi Nuskha. Mrs Alpana has started a very good initiative.


Jun 24, 2023

Nuskha products are great. Quality of each products is top-notch. Thank you for being with there!

Rupal Shah

Jun 24, 2023

A complete guide for your entire pregnancy! The products are of extremely good quality and are very beneficial. The experience with Alpana aunty is magical, she guides me like her own daughter. What else will one require!. Highly recommended.

Akanksha Gupta

Jun 24, 2023

I came across Nuskha kitchen through a newspaper article around the last month of my pregnancy and we immediately contacted them as it sounded really exciting. We were greeted by Mrs. Alpna Tiwari herself and what a woman she was. She met with us with such warmth that it didn’t feel like our first meeting. We were fully satisfied and booked my post pregnancy nutrition package with her. We got an elaborate 50 days package on the day of my delivery with a detailed step by step guide of what is to be eaten when. Along with it we also got massage oils for myself and the baby. The laddoos were yummiest, I couldn’t have imagined myself eating those but these were just too yumm to resist. Also she didn’t leave us there, she was always available for any queries related to me or the baby and had the best ayurvedic remedy for everything. I regret not meeting her earlier in my pregnancy but I’m not leaving her now!! I will highly recommend her to all the to be moms.. reach out at the earliest!!


Jun 24, 2023

Pregnancy is the most important chapter of a women life and after delivery everyone get busy in pampering baby. Nuskha kitchen is really a complete package to take care of yourself and most important is aunty is always there for you from birth time till you recover she is always there to guide you. She has a complete knowledge and understanding of Post recovery....this generation is full of queries why this ladoos is necessary why other things are important aunty gives indepth knowledge of taking these things in correct amount...thank you aunty for making my post journey beautiful

Manpreet Kaur

Jun 24, 2023

I came to know about nuskha kitchen from shark tank india. I consumed their products from 4th month of my pregnancy as well as tulip pack for post pregnancy care. The diet was delicious with detailed instructions and was of top notch quality. It helped me in recovering from my c section and in my breastfeeding journey. Alpana aunty guides you like your mother. She is always available for you no matter what. Thankyou so much aunty. You and nuskha kitchen are a blessing especially for new mothers.


Jun 24, 2023

One Of the best gift received from My Husband during pandemic. We Got to know about nuskha kitchen through shark Tank india. Being first time mom in foreign country & Living In scanidinavian Dark winters when world was struggling with uncertainity was already daunting but With the help Of Nuskha kitchen package & aunty’s genuine advices I could get postpatrum Care & necessory nutrition when i needed the most. She is always available for all my queries. Thank you so much & Way to go !!

Kanika Shah

Jun 24, 2023

I had a wonderful experience with Nuskha Kitchen. I took the Tulip package for post delivery food. All the laddoos and the other products were really delicious. Everything was labelled well so it was very easy to take it. Special mention to Alpana Aunty who was available throughout for any small query also. She actually made it all easy for me. Would highly recommend Nuskha to all my family and friends.


Jun 24, 2023

Really liked the products and service. Must have ingredients post pregnancy. Good cause and take care of your health. Nice follow up and all in all myst recommend for wonan post delivery.

Shradha Jangid

Jun 23, 2023

We ordered postnatal care food for my sister and the results were awesome.. Ragi Laddu, Gond laddu, Lodh, Dry fruits laddu.. Everything have their own taste and advantages.. I personally used Nari kalyan paak & guess what.. It regularised my period so good that I couldn't believe! Even further I didn't felt any problem regarding my periods.. Me and my sister would definitely personally recommend Nuksha kitchen for their support, love & care.


Jun 23, 2023

I love nuskha kitchen and Alpana ma'am , the way she guided me n my mother for all the food items it's so good. Diet for post pregnancy is very difficult and ms alpana keep us motivated by regular follow up and the laddu especially are tasty. Thanks Nuskha Kitchen for solving such a big problem for post pregnancy diet and helping so many of us to keep healthy and fit.... looking forward always... thanks

Trupti Pattanayak

Jun 23, 2023

I had ordered the Tulip post pregnancy kit from Nuskha and was completely overwhelmed with the package, especially the laddoos. The package was so fulfilling and easy to manage in my daily routine. I really like the haldi ladoos a lot and reorder them separately. Also timely consultation from Alpana ma’am was cherry on top! I can’t imagine the effort she puts to communicate regularly with her customer individually! She was so supportive and caring about the whole post pregnancy routine. She also helped me with a lot home remedies as and when needed.

Nidhi Mehrishi

Jun 23, 2023

Hello Everyone, my name is Nidhi Maharishi I had seen Alpana Ji in Shark Tank of India. Me and my husband was very impressed with the concept she had about pre and post natal diet care. I was going to deliver my first child and we are very concerned about post natal care. So I consult with Alpana Ji, she was very warm and pleasant to talk and she clear my all doubts and I ordered premium package which she prepared customized. All the items were excellent in taste. She had provide a proper manual to how to follow the diet. I am very satisfied with the diet. Alpana Ji regularly kept in touch for any other requirements and feedback. I strongly recommend Nuskha Kitchen for pre and post natal mothers.

Amita Jaisingh

Jun 23, 2023

I chose the Tulip package for my postnatal care and it was the best nutritional decision for this delicate time! Alpanaji was especially helpful with consultation and guidance throughout the course. The laddoos were customisable based on health needs. I especially recommend the Dashmool kaadha and Danamethi mixture to support digestion and build stamina. The Panchmool Massage oil was fantastic as well for postnatal massages. It’s been 4 months since I’ve delivered and I keep going back for Nushka products- the ragi laddoos are a favourite! I’m excited to try their baby care range soon!!


Jun 23, 2023

In my second pregnancy, I get to know about nuskha through social media I was hesitating that should I trust or not but after meeting them and after using there products all my worries gone away, products and services are very good Tnks for starting these types of services for mother's

Anjali Chauhan

Jun 23, 2023

Thankyou for being such a wonderful support all the time. During my postpartum period, I faced many a situations where I was clueless about what to do… but you were there…my unprecedented support at any hour of the day…initially I hesitated to call you…but the way you spoke to me at all odd hours…the way you kept a track of my baby’s well being….the way you were concerned about my problems…won my heart. You gave me such solutions that I feel like consulting you before going to any doctor now. I want to consult you not just for my baby but for every family member of mine! I wish I had you even in my first pregnancy. I wish you see you in person! This is not the end…this relationship will continue…I will keep bothering you whenever I feel stuck.


Jun 23, 2023

I am so glad to have found out about Nuskha Kitchen through Shark Tank. They are good with everything, service, product & results. You get soo much personal touch with everyone in the team specially with Alpana aunty. She has always answered my calls,messages promptly & cleared all my doubts & supported me just like a mother. Their products are genuinely very nice & effective. It is because of their very well designed food options & sequence that all the necessary & wonderful foods go in our body on time. I IMMENSELY BENEFITED from their foods & highly recommend to everyone who believes in genuine recovery post delivery.

Namita Jain

Jun 22, 2023

My experience with Nuskha kitchen was very good it was more than expected. Every item I ate during post pregnancy was very delicious. On every item the number was mentioned which helps to understand about how and when to consume it. The staff is also very cooperative, helping and friendly. I would suggest everyone for nuskha kitchen for their pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Once again thank you so much nuskha kitchen from the bottom of my heart.


Jun 22, 2023

We came to know about this brand from the show Shark Tank India and found it interesting. We Stay in USA. I ordered for my wife Tulip Pack, 50 days of post-pregnancy care as per traditional Indian standards. Our experience with Nuskha kitchen was awesome. The diet provided in the tulip pack was perfect and it helped my wife alot after delivery specially first month. The quality of the product and ingredients used were top. Above all this is the personal guidance given by Alpana Mam was great. She was very helpful during my pregnancy as well as post pregnancy. Thank you Alpana Mam for all your guidance and help. You are doing very great job. Its a blessing for the woman which are living abroad away from their families. I am Really Really grateful to the Nuskha kitchen, I wish them good luck for there future endeavors.

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