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Tulip Pack

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50 days of post pregnancy care as per traditional indian standards.

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•    50 days of post-pregnancy care as per traditional Indian standards.
•    Complete care includes everything required for a perfect postpartum recovery
•    Made in expert's guidance keeping into account the weather conditions.
•    14 items divided as per diet chart with 24x7 on-call support.
•    Everything marked and lable answering all the questions about when to eat how to eat why to eat etc.
•    All the products are made in desi cow ghee procured from our trusted sources.
•    Our standard 14-point pack includes all the necessary products for your postnatal care.

1. Ajwain laddoo
2. Ajwain whole – for drinking water and roti
3. Kaifal – for rubbing on the head of the mother.
4. Jaifal – for the baby’s common cough and cold.
5. Sonth(dried ginger) laddoo
6. Haldi laddoo
7. Dashmool kaadha
8. Lodh
9. Battesa
10. Gond laddoo
11. Panchmool Massage oil
12. Danamethi mixture
13.  Peepal Powder
14. Isabgol herb mix

Baby Safe
No chemical and full of real ingredient and raw material, these products are safe for your.
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No Added Sugar
Free of cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup and beet sugar.
High Fiber
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Color Additive Free
What’s real food and personal care products/ cosmetics if they were brimming
Organic Ingredients
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