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Ajwain Laddoo For Post-Pregnancy

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Looking for a natural and effective way to ease post-delivery pain? Try our Ajwain Laddoo, specially crafted to aid in pain relief and post-pregnancy recovery. Made with ajwain, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, these laddoos also help speed up digestion, clean the uterus, and improve overall stomach health. Perfect as a post-pregnancy snack or a sweet treat anytime. Try our Jaape ke Laddoo for a delicious and nutritious way to support your post-pregnancy journey.

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While welcoming a new life into the world is an exciting moment, women also go on a path of transformation at this time. Women experience both physical and psychological changes during the postpartum phase as they heal from childbirth and adjust to the responsibilities of parenting. Prioritising self-care and nutrition at this critical juncture will help the body's healing process and advance general well-being. Our carefully designed Ajwain Laddoo is meant to give new moms the sustenance, solace, and encouragement they require at this unique stage of their lives. 

Benefits Of Ajwain Ladoo In General 

Due to its medicinal qualities, ajwain, sometimes referred to as carom seeds, is a prominent spice used in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Indian cuisine. Ajwain is well known for its capacity to facilitate digestion, ease pain associated with digestion, and support general stomach health. Ajwain also has anti-inflammatory qualities, which makes it very helpful for reducing pain and inflammation during childbirth. We use the power of this adaptable spice to give new moms tailored support and comfort during the postpartum phase by adding ajwain to our ladoos.

Key Benefits for Pregnancy 

  • Reduces Post-Delivery Pain and Discomfort

Ajwain is always as known as a home remedy for various physical issues. The anti-inflammatory qualities of ajwain help moms recuperate more easily by reducing pain and discomfort following childbirth. During the first trimester sudden inflammation is common which continues till post-pregnancy. It keeps inflammation in check and provides relief. 

  • Promote Digestive Health 

Ajwain supports general stomach health and well-being by assisting in digesting and relieving typical digestive problems that arise after delivery. Indigestion and constipation are some of the common issues that women could face on a regular basis. This is recommended throughout the pregnancy and post-pregnancy as well. 

  • Uterus Cleansing

It is said that ajwain contains uterine stimulating qualities that may aid in the cleansing of the uterus. Let's not overlook these laddoos' nutritional advantages also. Because of their high fibre content, they can help postpartum mothers maintain a balanced diet. Ingredients in our ladoos help the uterus naturally cleanse, which speeds up the body's healing process following childbirth.

  • Manage Sugar Level 

Because pregnancy alters the body's requirement for energy, blood sugar levels can fluctuate significantly throughout pregnancy. Hormone levels shift throughout pregnancy, which makes it more difficult for the body to properly process blood sugar. Our Ladoos' high fibre content helps control blood sugar levels, giving nursing moms stability and long-lasting energy. 

Why Choose Nushka

♦ Our Ladoo: The Craft

We at our facility take great delight in meticulously handcrafting each batch of Ajwain Ladoo by hand. Ajwain, coconut, almonds, cashews, raisins, black pepper, cardamom, ground, fennel, rose, khus-khus, musk melon seeds, and jaggery/mishri are just a few of the premium ingredients we procure. The richness of ghee skillfully blended with these top-notch ingredients results in a tasty and nourishing treat for new moms.

♦ Convenient Pricing And Packaging

Our Ajwain Ladoo is reasonably priced and provides great value considering its nutritional advantages. Customers may select from two handy sizes, priced at 1400/- and 700/- respectively: 500gm and 1 kilogram.

♦ Natural Ingredients 

The primary factor which makes us unique and stand out from others is our selection of natural and pure ingredients. Each component was selected based on its special nutritional qualities and historical medicinal uses.

  • Ajwain: Known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive qualities, ajwain eases postpartum pain and supports intestinal health in general. It helps mom-to-be to feel relief from the morning sickness and protects their digestive health. 
  • Coconut: Packed with fibre and good fats, coconut gives our ladoos a wonderful flavour and texture while also offering vital nutrients. 
  • Almonds: Rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, almonds provide new moms energy and aid in muscle healing. It also adds crunchiness to the product which keeps its taste intact. 
  • Cashews: Packed with of heart-healthy lipids and antioxidants, cashews give our ladoos a delightful crunch. It also fills the requirement gap of nutrition and vitamins. 
  • Raisins: Adding sweetness and nutritional value to our ladoos, raisins are a natural source of energy and important vitamins.
  • Black pepper: Traditionally used to help with digestion, black pepper also improves the flavour of our ladoos. It also adds a pinch of a different taste to the Ladoos that makes it delicious. 

♦ Shelf Life and Storage 

We advise keeping our ladoos out of direct sunlight and dampness in a cool, dry area to retain their freshness and nutritional integrity. Our ladoos are made to give sustained sustenance and delight, with an 80-day shelf life. With our convenient packing, you will also not face any issues while storing them. 

Consumption Instruction 

Along with important nutrition, and vitamins, an adequate way to consume the Ladoo should be followed for better impact. We suggest consuming our Ajwain Ladoo with warm milk in the early morning, preferably between 5 and 6 am, for the best benefits. To aid in the body's healing, it is advised to eat these ladoos before going to bed, particularly in the first to ten days following birth. Customers may also give the ladoos a pleasant twist by microwaving them for 20 to 30 seconds, which turns them into a delectable halva and increases snacking diversity and satisfaction. 

During pregnancy, you should consume them before breakfast as it handles the cravings throughout the day and prevents you from eating unnecessary stuff. Also, you can consume them after dinner to manage late-night cravings as well. It reduces the cravings for sugar and keeps your health in check. 


Our Ajwain Laddu is a nutritious companion for new moms during their pregnancy journey as well as the postpartum period, not just a tasty pleasure. Our ladoos provide vital support and comfort during this unique stage of motherhood with their combination of traditional ingredients, contemporary convenience, and focused benefits. After childbirth, this also helps in cleaning the uterus which is an essential factor of postpartum care. Savor Ajwain Ladoo's deliciousness and welcome postpartum care that is nourishing, energizing, and comforting. With a blend of natural ingredients, our ladoo will make your pregnancy journey smooth and relaxed. It also promotes the growth of the unborn baby. 

Organic Ingredients
Tanmayee Rawal

Jan 08, 2024

Nuskha's Ajwain Laddoo is my delicious recovery treat post-pregnancy. The ajwain's benefits are evident in every bite, providing relief from pain and contributing to better stomach health. Such a tasty way to care for myself!

Pratik Gupta

Jan 08, 2024

Every laddoo is a dose of post-pregnancy nourishment with Ajwain Laddoos from Nuskha. They're not just sweet; they're helping me with pain relief and overall stomach health. A delightful and nutritious choice!

Vasanthi Pandiri

Jan 08, 2024

Consider Nuskha's Ajwain Laddoo my digestive elixir post-pregnancy. The ajwain does wonders for digestion, and these laddoos have become a tasty and nutritious addition to my daily routine.

gaurav gautam

Jan 08, 2024

For new moms like me, Nuskha's Ajwain Laddoo is a tummy-friendly delight. It's not just a sweet treat; it's a flavorful way to improve digestion and support post-pregnancy recovery. Loving every bite!

Sandeep Kanakala

Jan 08, 2024

These Ajwain Laddoos are my sweet digestive support post-pregnancy. The ajwain's anti-inflammatory properties make them a tasty solution for pain relief and overall stomach health. Highly recommended!

Priya Jayaswal

Jan 08, 2024

Experience post-pregnancy bliss in every bite with Ajwain Laddoos. These laddoos are my tasty way to support recovery, and I've noticed a positive change in my stomach health. Absolutely delightful!

Arti Kumari

Jan 08, 2024

Nuskha's Ajwain Laddoo has become my choice for a gentle uterus cleanse post-pregnancy. The ajwain's properties are just what I needed, and the laddoos make it an enjoyable part of my day.


Jan 08, 2024

These Ajwain Laddoos are a delicious relief for post-pregnancy pains. The ajwain works like magic in aiding digestion, and I can feel the positive impact on my overall well-being. Loving this sweet treat!

Meghna Chaki

Jan 08, 2024

Happy tummy, happy mom! Nuskha's Ajwain Laddoo is my go-to snack post-pregnancy. The ajwain's anti-inflammatory properties make it a tasty way to support digestion and overall stomach health.

Abhishek Sharma

Jan 08, 2024

Nuskha's Ajwain Laddoo has been my post-pregnancy savior. These laddoos not only taste delicious but also work wonders in relieving pain and aiding my recovery. A must-try for new moms!

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