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10 Exercise Mistakes to Avoid During Pregnancy

  • 04, Mar 2023

Going to be a mom soon? Do you desire to be a "fitter and healthier you" during pregnancy? Being active and exercising during pregnancy is vital if you are up for a faster recovery and shorter labor time.

But when it comes to exercise, you need to be extra careful, as one mistake can lead to severe complications.

Don't worry if you are unaware of the mistakes you make by exercising, then here are 10 mistakes you need to avoid while exercising during pregnancy. 

So let's get started!

Say No to Plank:

Pregnant or not, Planks are challenging and should be done with the utmost attention. But when it comes to pregnancy, you need to be extra careful as your stomach muscles need to stretch enough for your baby to have space in your womb. Planks are best avoided as they may lead to strain or injury.

So it is best to say "No" to plank and "Yes" to exercises that strengthen your core muscles.

Ignoring your body:

When your body is in pain or unable to cope with the exercise, it sends you signals. This is when you need to understand these signals and stop doing an activity that is straining you too much.

If you can’t recover properly, it is time you can change those exercises. You can always switch your exercise to walking if you are not feeling like doing that particular exercise. Listen to your body signs and do what is required.

Going after an "Exercise Marathon" soon after delivering the baby:

We know very well that celebs inspire you to lose all that weight you gained during your pregnancy in a "blink," and now you want it all to shed. We understand you want your fit body back.

But doing too much exercise to look how you used to before pregnancy is not what you can do overnight. Your body needs time, and so do you, so do not go for intense exercises or too much working out.

Focus on your core unit building and pelvic floor to get your body stronger and fitter than before pregnancy. Also, you need to focus on healthy food to strengthen your body and aid in faster recovery and healthy weight loss. You can try products such as the Shatavari herb mix for a healthy recovery. 

Don't go for "HIIT" Keep it moderate:

We know you have enough enthusiasm to do the best for yourself and the baby, but now is not the time, and you should be working on high-impact exercises such as running, skiing, rock climbing, and more.

At any stage of your pregnancy, you should keep your exercises moderate. However, the "moderate" of each person varies from one to another but don't strain yourself too much and go for exercises that are comfortable for you. By that, we mean that by doing exercise, you can breathe properly while doing them. 

Don't exercise for weight loss but for Strength Training:

Many people think about exercise as a form of losing weight, but while pregnant, you should not think about the weight more and instead focus on building your body's strength.

The most crucial part of pregnancy is a fast recovery; that is only possible if you have a strong body that can help you during your labor and the recovery after giving birth to a baby.

The postpartum will become easier for you to recover with the help of strength training exercises, so don't work out to lose weight but to build your body's strength.

Lacking Breathing Techniques while exercising:

It may perplex you into thought, " Am I not breathing the right way?" It may sound like a small mistake, but breathing techniques significantly affect your body.

While exercising, many people may not even be properly or hold their breath.  This is precisely the opposite. When it comes to exercising, you need to breathe comfortably and know about breathing techniques because it is the basic foundation of exercise. 

Make sure to take a few deep breaths to come down your mind and body and be focused on breathing while doing exercise. So make sure to use the right breathing techniques while doing any exercise.

Doing movements only during "workout time":

Of course, you tend to exercise for a longer time, but doing exercise only 30 to 40 minutes a day and giving your body rest for the rest of the day is different from what you should be doing.

Keep an active lifestyle and put more effort into having the correct posture, so you don't suffer pains or aches.  

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Not engaging your core unit:

"Engage your core unit." You may have listened to this whenever you did a workout before. Guess what? It is the same even during pregnancy! 

It would help if you focused on core unit activation, which may help you in postnatal recovery. People who don't engage in core unit activation exercises often suffer from poor movement quality and back aches, which is another cause of discomfort.

So it is core that is your focus!

Stretching Too Much:

We need to understand that being pregnant means that your body is preparing for labor, which is why it is releasing the hormone relaxing, which helps in losing the ligaments in the pelvis, i.e., your body is stretchier than before. 

It is best to avoid deep stretches as they may lead to permanent instability in your joints, so instead of going for deep stretching, go for short and gentle movements for stretches so that you don't feel any pain or face injury.

Overheating your body:

Overheating is not good for yourself and the baby as it needs to grow properly in the womb, so it is best to be more careful while exercising.

Go for gentle and moderate exercises and avoid HIIT exercises, hot baths, saunas, or anything that leads to overheating. 

Wrapping Up:

Pregnancy exercises make you feel more empowered and confident, but always be more careful when exercising in all three trimesters. Always remember that you should do exercise that you feel comfortable in. Don't over-stretch yourself or push yourself to do exercise.

If you feel pain or discomfort during any exercise, it is best to stop immediately. Just a little bit of care and knowledge is what you need while doing pregnancy exercises, and you are good to go!