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Breast Care During Pregnancy: Importance, Benefits, Tips

  • 20, Apr 2023

Importance of breast Care During Pregnancy:

Feeling breast discomfort during your pregnancy? Don't know how to manage it? How about doing breast massage during pregnancy? Will it help? Well, when it comes to the earliest way of observing pregnancy change in women, then it is the breast change that takes place. You may feel breast enlargement, tenderness, tingling in the breast, sore nipples, darkened areola centralized nipples, and other symptoms. ( Yup, it is a lot to handle for a mom-to-be). In such a situation, one of the most essential things you can do is follow a breast care routine. Don't know how to take care of your breasts during pregnancy? Don't worry; we can help!

Breast Massage Benefits during Pregnancy:

One of the essential breast care routines is to do breast massage during pregnancy. But the question here is, how is it beneficial for you? Well, here are some benefits that you should know:

  • Breast massage helps limit the potential adverse effects that occur due to the rapid changes volume of the breast, color change, and change in size.
  • With proper breast massage techniques and the right products, such as Nushka Kitchen's Panchmool Oil, you can prevent the saggy appearance of your breast and stretch marks which will help you regain the shape of your breast and tone them.
  • During pregnancy, women also face painful milk surges; breast massage is quite helpful in relieving the pain and facilitating the ejection reflex.
  • It is also helpful in releasing tension in breasts, breast disgorgement, and softening the skin.

Breast Massage Tips during Pregnancy:

Many women face issues in maintaining a routine related to breast care during pregnancy. If they are unaware of these practices, pregnancy and feeding a child becomes a little tough. Here are some tips that you need to follow during pregnancy:

Massaging your Breasts:

Breast massage is a great way when it comes to helping in reducing stretch marks, blocked ducts, and cracked nipples. All you need to do is rub moisturizer or oil around the nipples in a circular motion with the help of your fingertips. While doing so, you need to pull your nipple gently upwards and continue doing so for at least 5 minutes. Do not put excessive pressure on the breast; only use your fingertips while doing the massage. If you feel any pain during the massage, stop immediately and avoid doing excessive massage.

Select the right Bra:

During the pregnancy, the first trimester will change your body, and your breast may start getting bigger, meaning you need to switch to upsize your Bra a few times during the pregnancy. One thing that you need to remember is to make sure that you choose the right size of Bra to show that you don't feel any suffocation or pain. Don't go for an underwire bra or tight fittings; instead, go for loosely padded cotton bras.


During pregnancy, your nipples will leak colostrum, a yellow milk material. During such time, you must ensure that you maintain your cleanliness by changing your Bra more often. Doing so can keep your nipples dry and prevent them from developing cracks and infections. You can also use breast pads that are helpful in keeping your nipples dry.

Keep your nipples safe:

At times nipples can get dry after taking a shower. It is advised to use a moisturizer to avoid developing cracks. Apart from that, use a nipple guard to build a cushion between your garments. This is quite helpful if your nipples are sore.

Some other important tips to follow:

  • It is best to wash your breasts with warm water and change your Bra at least once a day.
  • You need to be quite aware of your body, so you always check the changes your breast is going through. Do not hesitate to call your doctor if you suspect anything strange.
  • Always do some basic movements and arm rotations, as this will help you maintain your breast's shape and avoid sagging.


For a mom-to-be and breastfeeding mother, pregnancy is a time that is quite tiring, and that is why many women seem to neglect their bodies or are not simply aware of the changes. However, it is one of the most crucial parts of pregnancy to pay attention to your breast and nipple health so that one can be assured of nursing success and also helpful in keeping the body in good shape for years, even after post-delivery. Always remember that hormonal changes and the preparation for many production do cause some discomfort in your body. It is nothing to worry about, but follow a good breast care routine during your pregnancy.

So to keep your body in shape and maintain the health of your breasts, make sure to do breast massage during pregnancy and follow the tips we have mentioned here.



When to start breast massage during pregnancy?

You can start massaging your breast in the first trimester itself. However, it is most beneficial to do the massage in the third trimester to promote lactation.

How to massage nipples during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is quite common to have sour nipples, and that is why you can relieve the pain with the help of massage, a vital part of breast care during pregnancy. You can massage your nipples with the help of moving your fingertips in a circulation motion at the level of your areola. After a few minutes of the massage, you will feel that your tissues have softened, and you may also see a small amount of milk coming out.

What can I rub on my nipples during pregnancy?

Nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of your breast. You need to make sure that you use moisturizer or oil to take care of the dryness in the area. After the second trimester, nipple massage is beneficial for a mom-to-be. You can also use Nushka Kitchen's Oil for Stretch Marks or Panchmool Oil for the same purpose. For more details, you can get in touch with your doctor for advice on the same.