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Post pregnancy time

  • 26, Sep 2022

Post pregnancy time which is also known as postpartum or postnatal period begins after the child birth.

Post pregnancy time which is also known as postpartum or postnatal period begins after the child birth. A new mother body changes a lot after giving birth, the new mother’s health becomes weak due to the loss of fluid and blood. First 6-8 weeks after child birth are defined as postnatal period. Postnatal period ends when a new mother body returned to its pre-pregnant state. Proper care is the very important task during this period.

Postnatal care (PNC) improves digestion and metabolism, and support lactation also improves her nutrition to support breastfeeding and recovery, and give her emotional support. A new mother needs to take good care of her and plenty of rest to rebuild her strength.

**You should also remember that some health conditions after pregnancy need medical care.

Postpartum period is considered as a highly sensitive period as per the Indian culture. The amazing thing is that there are various cultures in India but post pregnancy care system is the same in every culture. They use different methods in after pregnancy care such as “oil massage after delivery”, “belly binding”, “hot water bath” and etc.

According to Indian culture there are some special foods that speed up recovery and increase the production of breast milk. The food is easily digestible and keeps the new mother body’s warm. The food is rich in ingredients that promote lactation, digestion and resistance against infections. The food is prepared with broken wheat, ajwain, methi, millet, besan, fennel, gond (edible gum taken from the bark of trees) dry fruits, turmeric, sesame, semolina, aliv seeds, and ghee (which is added to almost every item).

According to Ayurveda, post-pregnancy imbalance is treated through food, rest, massages and herbal preparations. Nuskha-Kitchen understands the importance of postnatal care and prepares a well-balanced nutritional food for the new mother. This helps the mother in regaining her lost strength. Connect with Nuskha-Kitchen Team for healthy and ayurvedic post-pregnancy diet and care,