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Nari Kalyaan Paak

  • 26, Sep 2022

Elixir for the female body.

To all the ladies out there, Do you feel the following symptoms quite often? –

  1. Fatigue
  2. Anxiety
  3. Sadness
  4. Bloated
  5. Body Pain

Or have you faced the following problems in some part of your life, or might be facing them even today.

  1. Heavy Bleeding and cramps during Menstruation cycle.
  2. White discharge
  3. PCOD and other problems on women’s health. –

It’s not good to avoid such symptoms casually. Although the pace of life is such that sticking to a healthy regime is itself back-breaking. – But what if we tell you that we have a solution to all of the above-mentioned problems and many more. All of this with no extra effort. Sounds unbelievable right? Well, that’s exactly what it is. –

Nari Kalyaan Paak is not an out of the box, never-before revolutionary product. We are certainly not the first one to make it and considering the benefits we won’t be the last. –

But here’s the catch. According to the Rasayan Veda, an age-old scripture, if made under proper guidance, with correct ingredients in balanced ratios and with extreme caution on the purity of process and constituents. Nari Kalyaan Paak is more precious than gold and the process as good as alchemy. –

We at Nuskha Kitchen have cracked this alchemy for you. With our Nari Kalyaan Paak, we offer you the elixir for the female body. It is an all-round rejuvenation Ayurvedic snack. With over 30 ingredients and 48 hrs of preparation time it certainly does what it’s meant to do and more. The benefits are unfathomable but allow us to list out some of them for you. –

  1. Working on your brain and Central Nervous System, ingredients like Abrak Bhasma helps as a nervine tonic. It also helps in curing depression, anxiety, and stress. It also revitalizes your CNS and improves your grey cell health.
  2. For your Heart and blood ingredients such as Chikni Supari, Loh Bhasma, helps in controlling your blood pressure, haemoglobin level, and keeps diabetes in check. Special recommended for anaemic individuals.
  3. For our precious skin, with all the beauty products that we have applied from outside, it’s time to give a chance to inside healing too! Elaichi, Tej Patta and Nagkesar all added for the Anti-inflammatory, acne reduction and blood purification properties.
  4. Coming to the Uterus and sexual health section, Ingredients like Vang Bhasma works good for ovaries health. It helps in ovulation for those trying for pregnancy. And constituents like Abrak Bhasm helps in cramps and heavy bleeding during menstrual cycles, issues like white discharge and also in hormonal balances during menopause. Further, it has also helped in curing issues like PCOD and infertility.
  5. In the digestive section, for your Gut, Stomach and intestine, constituents like Chikni Supari, Pipalli and Peepla Mool, Chitrak Chaal, Chavya will help in curing appetite loss, improve metabolism, reduces constipation and other gastric troubles.
  6. Samhalu Ke Beej, Mocharkas etc. help with your liver health.
  7. Considering for Bones strength and health, Pravaal Bhasm is an excellent source of calcium. While White Muslie works well for arthritis.
  8. Other ingredients like Ashwagandha Nagori and Lajwanti ke Beej will help in improving your strength and immunity, and also make you feel energetic all day long.
  9. Bonus: Ingredients such as Safed Musli and Kali Musli, Vang Bhasma helps in improving libido. It also helps in lactation during postpartum for the new mother.

So, with a mere 25 grams serving every morning, eaten with warm milk will have tremendous benefits for your body. We insist you try the Nari Kalyaan Paak for 15 days. The effects will make you come back for more that’s our belief!