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Natural Ways to Induce Labor

  • 16, Dec 2022

It's understandable to want to know how to induce labor if you're extremely pregnant, in pain, and over your due date. Red raspberry leaf tea, a bumpy car ride, sex, pineapple, and acupuncture are some natural remedies touted as labor inducers. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that these methods may induce labor successfully. Some supposedly natural ways of inducing labor, such as consuming castor oil or spicy foods, might have negative consequences.

Are there natural ways to induce labor?

You may have heard that nipple stimulation, intercourse, spicy food, castor oil, a bumpy road, acupuncture, eating pineapple, and other methods can all help bring on labor. Regrettably, none of these strategies has been validated as applicable, and several may even be harmful.

A stroll or some sex may help you go into labor, and even if it doesn't may find it enjoyable. (It's essential to verify your current level of sexual safety.) On the other hand, some remedies, such as consuming castor oil or eating extremely spicy meals, may induce stomach distress and lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

Overstimulation of the uterus, as may occur with nipple stimulation or using some medicines, could harm the unborn child. Get the OK from your care provider before attempting anything out of the ordinary to bring on labor.

Here are the 9 Natural Methods to Induce Labor:

1. Sexual Intercourse

To kick things off, let's speak about the most discussed natural way to induce labor induction approach: having sex.

Perhaps you're doubting the very possibility of having sex. The short answer is "yes," and it might be precisely what you need to attempt to ease your infant into the wider world.

How to Use Sex to Induce Labor Naturally?

Until you break your water, having sex is typically safe throughout pregnancy, and partners should figure out how to be intimate in a way that's both satisfying and safe for the expecting mother.

Maintaining open channels of communication is crucial. It's crucial to recognise your limits, especially if you're hoping sexual activity may hasten the end of your pregnancy.

2. Castor Oil

Some people feel strongly about using castor oil to induce labor, while others feel it is one of the most unsettling options. Also, it's one of the most well-liked, non-medical methods of bringing on labor early.

The pressing of castor beans yields a light yellow oil. Castor oil has a wide range of applications, but its powerful laxative qualities are commonly cited as the reason it is used to induce labor. A busy bowel that presses on the uterus may indirectly cause contractions.

How to Use Castor Oil to Induce Labor Naturally?

Do not try ways to induce labor with castor oil until you have tried everything else and been given the all clear by a medical practitioner.

To make use of castor oil, just consume it. It can be taken as a shot or blended with another beverage. Do not exceed two teaspoons in a single day. Some people will only eat their eggs if they are scrambled in 2 tablespoons of castor oil and then sopped up with bread.

Drink plenty of water, but know that it will dramatically influence your gastrointestinal system.

3. Exercise

Even if your due date has come and gone, you should consider giving the exercise a try, as it has a higher success rate than any other option. Exercising can help you maintain your health during pregnancy and beyond.

How to Use Exercise to Induce Labor Naturally?

You can initiate labor with a variety of workouts. Our top three selections are as follows:

Walking: It is an excellent low-impact, low-risk exercise option since it raises your heart rate (which can assist contractions) and uses gravity to help your baby descend into your pelvis.

Squats: Squats strengthen your legs, thighs, and pelvic muscles and assist your baby lower. While you're in labor and after you give birth, this might be helpful.

Birthing ball: Using a birthing ball for stretching can aid pelvic opening and lower body circulation. This is a fantastic choice for pregnant women who are experiencing difficulty moving around because of pain or discomfort.

4. Evening primrose oil

The evening primrose, a little, bright yellow flower, is the source of the oil used to make evening primrose products. The abundance of therapeutic fatty acids found in it has led to its widespread usage in medicine.

How to Use Evening Primrose Oil to Induce Labor Naturally?

Supplement capsules can be purchased that include evening primrose oil. They can be taken orally or vaginally to get started. Do not take it before the 38th week of pregnancy.

There are fewer adverse effects from using evening primrose oil as opposed to castor oil. The risk of having your water rupture before labor begins is real. Very little research has been done on this particular herbal supplement, but it has the same lack of evidence as many others: it may or may not work to bring on labor. Perhaps dangerous is a more accurate description.

5. Spicy Foods

Going to your favorite Mexican or Indian restaurant when you're pregnant—could it actually bring on labor? The consumption of spicy meals has been linked by several women to the onset of labor.

Reasons to avoid Spicy food to Induce labor

The idea that consuming spicy food can make you give birth sooner is entirely false. Unfortunately, no meal has been found to hasten your child's arrival. It's simple to see why this misconception endures when considering the digestive alterations brought on by spicy meals.

Eating something too spicy might cause your stomach to burn. Some individuals think that when you have stomach and intestinal issues, it might also affect your cervix and uterus.

Dehydration, brought on by eating spicy meals, has been linked to uterine muscle spasms. However, being dehydrated during childbirth increases the risk of problems.

6. Nipple Stimulation

It's understandable to think that nipple stimulation, like sexual activity, would be a thrilling method to bring on labor. But it can be risky if you don't exercise caution.

How to Use Nipple Stimulation to Induce Labor Naturally?

Stimulating the nipple is a straightforward activity. Hand massages of the areola and nipple are one method. Position your fingers at the outer border of your areola and roll them inward to massage.

Warning: Strong contractions may harm both you and your baby if you have too much oxytocin. Avoid getting your nipples worked up too much. Avoid risking injury by massaging more than one nipple at a time and keeping the massage to less than an hour.

7. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red raspberry leaf tea is the most delicious thing you can drink here. Is it possible that a soothing cup of hot tea may help your little one take a more decisive stride forward?

How to Use Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Tea made from red raspberry leaves can be consumed safely during pregnancy. Tea may be prepared with boiling water and following the package instructions, but if any adverse reactions occur, you should stop drinking it immediately.

While drinking red raspberry leaf tea can help you relax and maintain healthy iron levels, it is unlikely that it can stimulate labor.

8. Membrane sweeping

Despite its unappealing reputation, membrane sweeping is a successful strategy for inducing labor.

The amniotic sac attaches to the uterine wall by means of very delicate membranes. Gloved fingers can gently brush the amniotic sac away from the cervix, which may stimulate the release of hormones that trigger labor.

How to Use Membrane Sweeping to Induce Labor Naturally?

Only medical professionals or experienced midwives should undertake a membrane sweep. Make an appointment if you're overdue, and mention membrane sweeping as a solution.

In addition to being efficient, membrane sweeping is also completely risk-free. It is more labor-intensive than other natural options since it requires a sterile environment and the expertise of a trained practitioner.

9. Massage

Get a massage before you go into labor. The constant pressure applied to certain points can stimulate nerves and release hormones that trigger labor.

How to Use Massage or Acupressure to Induce Labor?

Recent research indicates that oxytocin, the hormone that might stimulate contractions during delivery, is increased in the body following a massage. When a pregnant woman is overdue, some massage therapists claim they can stimulate labor by giving the woman a relaxing massage.

Some people even try to speed up labor by applying pressure to certain spots. It is important to consult your healthcare provider before attempting prenatal massage ways to induce labor.

A Word of Caution

Every pregnancy and every woman is unique. Always with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your health routine.

If you're pregnant, it's important to see your care provider before using any ways to induce labor listed here since they know you and your baby best. They can guarantee you that anything you do is safe for you and your baby, even if they are hesitant.

The Bottom Line

Pregnancy's final weeks and days can be distressing and painful. A mother's instinct is to do all in her power to hasten her child's arrival into the world, especially if the child is "late." The natural ways to induce labor treatments that actually work are few and far between, while the others are either urban legends or potentially harmful.